Prenatal Yoga

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center 243 W. 24th St. 212-255-4560

Bend and Bloom 708 Sackett Street Park Slope, Brooklyn 347-987-3162

Creative Vibrations Yoga Studio 22-55 31st St, Ste 200 Astoria, Queens 347-345-6095

Karma Kids Yoga 104 West 14th St. 646-638-1444

Prenatal Yoga Poses

If you are planning on doing
prenatal yoga poses at home, then it is a good idea to get hold of a prenatal yoga DVD or video. If you have practiced yoga before, then doing yoga at home should be fine. However, ensure that all prenatal yoga poses are balanced poses.

This means that you must have two limbs on the ground at all times. Here are some of the balanced and safe poses which I recommend and all have the focus on stretching and opening your body in preparation for birth.

Prenatal Yoga DVD

As I stated earlier, if you are not planning on going to a prenatal yoga studio, then the safest option is to watch a DVD.
Yoga can do more damage than good if the poses are not performed correctly.

I always recommend that my clients perform the poses where they can see their refection in either a mirror or a window. You do need to see your body to ensure that you are doing the poses correctly. Amazon has a huge selection of Prenatal Yoga DVD titles and choose one recommended by others (see below).

Remember too that healthy pregnancy is not all about exercise. Many women to do not realise the importance of
pregnancy diet and also about foods to avoid during pregnancy.

Get as much information as you can about all aspects of prenatal health to ensure that your pregnancy goes smoothly and that you have a perfect bouncing child to show for it!

I wish you well and enjoy your prenatal yoga!

Best Rated Prenatal Yoga DVDs By Users

Prenatal Yoga

As a pregnancy consultant, one of the most frequent questions that I hear from expectant mothers is
'Can you exercise while pregnant?' The answer is most certainly yes, and prenatal yoga is one of the best exercises you can do.

Yoga a low impact form of exercise with a focus on breathing and strengthening the body.

In preparation for birth, a woman with a strong core and pelvic floor will find the birthing process easier, and the and ujjayi breathing will assist with focus and relaxation.

The Harvard Mental Health Letter posted a report in April 2009 which revealed that rigorous studies have found scientific proof that yoga helps the body deal with stress because it
slows the heart and breathing rates and therefore lowering blood pressure.

By practicing prenatal yoga, you can prepare your body for the stresses of birth, and also use the techniques to relax after the baby is born.

Prenatal Yoga NYC

Prenatal Yoga NYC centres are plenty. The centres below come recommended by many women and most offer further pregnancy support, such as birthing classes and pre-natal groups and post-natal groups.

Prenatal Yoga Center Upper West Side, main location Chelsea, Upper East Side, Tribeca Cobble Hill, Brooklyn 212-362-2985 Yoga for Two Battery Park, Upper East Side, Upper West Side 212-666-2237

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